Friday, 22 March 2013

Country Market & Sporting Sale 2013 is live!

This year's Country Market & Sporting Sale is now live online and the bidding has started.  Click on the logo to go straight to the auction website.  This tells you all about the Sale, provides details of all the Lots, tells you how to bid and explains why it is important to the Trust.

It is also a lot of fun for us to be doing something different, although the face and voice of the Sale, Clara Jackson, will be less convinced about the fun side today, as she has been slaving to get everything ready for you.  Please feel free to reward her efforts by entering into the spirit of the Sale and bidding frantically for the Lots.

There is a newsletter that you can circulate to your friends (and enemies?!). Needless to say, we will provide plenty of reminders as the clock ticks down to the close of the Sale at 12 noon on Friday, 3rd May. Happy bidding!

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