Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Advertise with The Heather Trust

One aspect of the new website that might be of interest is that we are planning to carry some advertising on the Home page (in place of the Curlew).  I would be delighted to discuss 'very competitive' rates with any of our supporting organisations that might be interested.

We must not forget that our new, shiny website will be twinned with the dedicated site that carries the Country Market & Sporting Sale.  This will be active for 2 months from 22nd March.  As ever, we have promoted the Sale far and wide, and I am anticipating even more activity on this Site than we generated last year - it will be busy.  

We will be ‘generous’ with anyone who wants to take out an advertisement on both sites.  Clara Jackson, the face and voice of the Sale, has all the details in the office.  Use the comment facility to get in touch.

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