Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sell your heather to Holland

Although it may seem unlikely, there is an opportunity to sell baled heather.  There is a full description in the Reading Room section of the website, but in essence there is a requirement for cut heather in large bales to be used in a bio-filtration process in Holland. The heather needs to be old and have a stem diameter in the region of 8mm – it is the bark that is of interest for this process, not the leaves. 

Anyone who is able to provide batches of 48 bales at the side of a hard track could be able to generate some income. The value of the bales is not high enough to cover all the costs, but if this work was something that has been waiting for some time, maybe this will provide the incentive to get on with it.

The same company is also looking for some bracken in large bales to investigate using bracken as an alternative to heather.

If anyone is interested, please get in touch.

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