Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Members’ Briefings - Heather Beetle

Adult Heather Beetle

The launch of our new website provides some evidence of my efforts to improve the service the Trust provides for its members. At the same time as launching the website, we published the first of what will become a series of Members’ Briefings.

This first briefing addresses Heather Beetle and is an updated version of the information we have been promoting, for some time.  Heather Beetle is one of the Trust's Priority Issues and this briefing provides a stand-alone summary of the information that is available in the dedicated section of the website.  

The aim of these briefings is to provide an easily digestible summary of the latest information and the Briefings will be made available through the Reading Room section of the website for anyone who wants to read them.

I would welcome comments on this approach, and on the individual Briefings as they are published. We have briefings on Phytophthora plant diseases, Bracken Control and Sheep Ticks in an advanced stage of preparation and will be adding these to the website over the next few weeks. I would also welcome suggestions for any additional topics to cover.

I am grateful to Patrick Laurie for his help in drafting and presenting these Briefings.  

Please use the Comment facility below to let me have any thoughts or feedback - is is an under-exploited facility!

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