Friday, 1 March 2013

A New Website for The Heather Trust

As an exercise in time-consuming, navel gazing, developing a new website is an activity almost without equal.   In my experience, all web sites drip blood from every page, and this one is no exception.  Those who have been through this process will know that what starts off as a simple, good idea develops into a major commitment, which as the project progresses seems to become less and less of a good idea.

But the new site is live, and to be truthful we are rather pleased with it.  If you have not already seen it, have a look.  If nothing else it is a great leap forward from where we started.

I am grateful for the support of Neville Gill – Heather Trust member, moor owner and IT consultant – for his support and guidance, but a lot of the leg-work has fallen on Patrick Laurie's shoulders.  His has been the task of working through the long list of amendments, revisions and drafting. 

The next step will to consider whether we need to set up a parallel mobile site for all of those who surf from their smart-phones.

Comments about any errors or omission will be welcome, and we have plans to improve the site further, as the dust settles on its creation.

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