Thursday, 11 April 2013

Your Heather Trust Needs You

The Heather Trust has a small but important band of members who come from all walks of life.  The members support the Trust's work and give me justification for getting up in the morning.  Being a smaller organisation than some, I am able to provide our members with a much more personal service.  To me, a member is not just a number, to be contacted for a subscription renewal or for cash, you are a highly valued part of the Trust.

Understandably, as we all lead busy lives, I do not get a lot of input from our band of members, but those who do contact the office can be guaranteed of a personal service.  Your input can make a difference.

The benefit of a small organisation is that we are light on our feet and are able to respond quickly and   I would like to think that I can say 'yes' or 'no' to any proposal almost immediately.  Compare the response to a question about supporting one of our initiatives that I received yesterday from another organisation:  we "would like to be involved in this line of work but as you can imagine this would need to be resourced into our work year through the hierarchy".

If you have not already seen it have a look at the new website which gives you a feel for the work we are involved with. The Reading Room with its new Member Briefings is also worth a look

Non-members read on:
If you have read this you must have an interest in the work of The Heather Trust, but may I now  encourage you to think about joining the band of members. Subscriptions start at £40 p.a. for individuals and there is a give-away rate for students and gamekeepers of £12 p.a.

Inevitably, all the details you need are on the Membership page of the website.

I look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Trust.

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