Monday, 8 April 2013

Members' Briefings: Phytophthora diseases

Phytophthora & Blaeberry
This range of diseases has been shown to have a major impact on larch trees and I have concerns that it is possible that one of the variants might be found to attack dwarf shrubs on moorland.  There has been some impact on blaeberry / bilberry Vaccinium myrtillis but attacks have not been found to be widespread.  Best indications are that heather will be safe from the phytophthora diseases but I think we need to keep a close eye on these diseases.

To find out more, and to learn how to pronounce the name, read the Members' Briefing that is available from the Reading Room on the Trust's website.

This is the fourth in the series and these briefings are available for everyone, but if you are not a member a payment of £40 p.a. would correct this  - more details here.

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