Friday, 16 September 2011

Statement in Support of Asulam

An Appeal Committee meets on Tuesday, 20 September to review the registration of Asulam.  This will determine whether it will continue to be approved for use, and from my perspective this means whether it is available as a selective herbicide for the control of bracken.  It is a vital tool for bracken control; as well as being the only selective herbicide it is the only one that can be applied from the air.

To help Asulam's chances, I have been 'knocking on doors' this week to get support for a Statement highlighting the crucial role that Asulam plays in maintaining the conservation status of vast areas of the uplands and lowlands of the UK.  I have not forgotten the negative impact on, for example, the economics of sporting and agriculture or the human health risks associated with sheep ticks and Lyme disease, but if the Statement was to have any impact it needed to have a single message.  The conservation message has the widest appeal.

The Statement can be downloaded here.

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