Saturday, 6 August 2011

Upland Tracks

On his Twitter account, Stuart Housden has expressed concern about the number of tracks in heather ground in view from the A9 and suggested that controls are required (see @StuartHousden).  However, is there a counter argument that, like cranes in towns, tracks are a sign of activity and investment that will provide some management input that will benefit all upland birds?

I would agree with him completely that badly constructed tracks are a disaster, and I would also support the view that tracks are not needed or desirable everywhere, but I would shy away from there being a presumption that all upland tracks are bad.  I think we could agree that good quality, balanced management input to heather ground is beneficial, and I would suggest that facilitating this by the creation of well constructed tracks should not be opposed as a matter of course.  In addition to sporting activities, tracks also allow access for recreation, surveying, monitoring, farming and wildfire management.

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