Thursday, 11 August 2011

More on Upland Tracks

Tim Baynes has entered the debate and provides this view from Scottish Land & Estates:

The maintenance and upgrading of hill tracks is an important matter for upland management and deserves to be considered carefully.  Scottish Land & Estates have been working on this issue for many years, providing a briefing for MSPs in last year's Parliamentary debate and their response to the recent Permitted Development Rights consultation can be read in full here.

New road construction will always look unsightly for a year or two after it is done but if carried out according to SNH's Code of Practice, can heal over remarkably quickly.  Given the importance of these tracks for employee safety, wildlife management, public access, environmental protection and not
least, bird monitoring by RSPB staff, the presumption is that maintenance and upgrading to best practice standards should be facilitated, not unduly restricted, under Permitted Development Rights in all but the most sensitive of areas.  Best practice is the key and an excellent set of guidelines have
been agreed by SNH working with the industry and can be found here.

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