Thursday, 4 August 2011

High ground, high potential : a future for England’s upland communities – Next Steps

Update from the Commission for Rural Communities (see the CRC August Newsletter):

"The aim of our Inquiry into the uplands was ‘to identify and evaluate the drivers of change in upland communities, and to develop policy recommendations to enable and equip them to move towards more secure, economically prosperous and sustainable futures’. The full report of this work can be found here, with a short summary here.

A number of our Commissioners are working with various partners to assess the Government’s response to our recommendations, and are maintaining regular dialogue with Defra’s Rural Communities Policy Unit to ensure our recommendations are progressed."

See the earlier Blog post (6 July 2010) that announced the launch of this important report.  It only covers England but I think there are many lessons for the other parts of the UK within it.

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