Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Scotland's Moorland Forum - Upland Solutions

In my capacity as Secretary and now Director of Scotland's Moorland Forum, I provided a lot of the input to this project, from development of the concept to delivery of the final report.  It has been a lot of work, and much of this has been carried out over and above the work that has been funded through the Forum.  Therefore, I have to say that it is a valuable piece of work that has drawn some interesting conclusions.  I am not going to repeat the description of the project and the conclusions in this blog, but I recommend that anyone with an interest in the management of the uplands should at least take a look at the short Summary Report and have a read of the article published in the Press & Journal, yesterday, that provides a good overview.  If this information whets the appetite, there is plenty more reading material available!

For the reports, press releases and press articles, see the website.

Discussions will soon be taking place about how to apply the lessons learned and the conclusions drawn.  The concept of a task force is appealing as a way for the Forum to provide practical benefit over and above the exchange of information in meeting rooms, but we would need to find a way to fund this.  

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