Monday, 5 April 2010

England's Peatlands: Carbon storage and greenhouse gases

Natural England has published a report (NE257) England's Peatlands: Carbon storage and greenhouse gases - a copy can be downloaded from the Natural England website.

The Report provides useful information & background, it is rather one sided, amongst other things:
  • it makes no reference to the benefits for other species of grouse moor management
  • it appears to discredit the Heather & Grass Burning Regulations and Code
  • management input appears to be viewed as completely negative
  • it does not address wildfire issues, the risks associated with rank vegetation or the risk reduction benefits offered by prescribed burning
  • there is no reference to the need to work with land owners and managers, apart from the still rather confusing message about the potential of carbon trading to provide income
  • it does not address the economic importance of the uplands & the support they provide for communities
There is scope to use this Report as a basis for discussion and I am hoping that the heather burning issues can be discussed at the next meeting of the Moorland Burning Working Group that takes place later this month.

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