Monday, 19 April 2010

Board Meeting - 16 April

The Board received the usual financial and activity updates but discussion of several key issues took place.  This included the impact of sheep ticks and how there might be benefit from encouraging funding to be made available through the National Rural Development Plans. If there was a contribution to the cost, land owners and managers might be more willing to establish tick mop schemes that would help to control tick numbers.  This proposal will be put to Scotland's Moorland Forum as part of the Upland Solutions project.

Another issue was the possibility of appointing ambassadors, or champions, in different parts of the country to be aware of and promote the work of the Trust within their group of contacts and areas of interest. This is something we will try to put in place in due course, but I would welcome any offers from people with an interest in our work.

The proposal to hold a series of conferences / events in different parts of the country was endorsed by the Board and the outcome of the Carbon in the Uplands conference held on 20-21 April would provide valuable experience of how these events can be run and the benefits that can accrue from them.

Initial proposals for a venue for the AGM were discussed and it is possible that this will be held in Scotland, in September / October.

A full report will be prepared for the Board in July, but the next meeting will not take place until just before the AGM.

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