Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Heather Beetle - first sighting in 2012

Photo: Malcolm Storey
The first sighting of adult heather beetles in 2012 have been reported from Colonsay  (with thanks to Crystal Maw, RSPB).  This is very early and it may be that we are seeing the result of the relatively mild winter.  Are we going to see a 'good' beetle year in 2012?

I would be grateful for reports of any more sightings.  The beetles are likely to be seen flying amongst heather on still, warm days.  They are about 7mm long and as shown in the photo, are a dark green colour with a prominent brown stripe down the back.

For more information see the Trust's website.  I am collating survey data collected over the last few years and will be publishing some details on the website.  I will be running a survey to capture details of  heather beetle sightings and heather damage again this year and I will be grateful for support with this.

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