Monday, 26 March 2012

Fire Severity index

The Fire Severity Index indicates the likely severity of a fire, should one occur.   Today, the Met office has issued the following advice regarding wildfire risk for the UK.

The Fire Severity Index is showing more elevated levels in the days ahead. Northumbria and parts of Scotland are  showing VERY HIGH fire conditions for Wednesday 28 March. Parts of the south Midlands through to Berkshire are showing VERY HIGH fire conditions on Thursday 29 March.

Importantly, the Fine Fuel Moisture Code (how dry is the surface dead litter - ie, how easy is it to light a fire) is yellow across the UK. As the school holidays approach, with Easter around the corner, the situation is very similar to that of the end of April / beginning of May last year - which saw the worst widespread fire weather conditions for many years. Only this year the drought is an exacerbating factor within the Midlands and South East.

The Fire Severity Risk data is listed by grid reference across the country, and it can be seen on the Met office website.  Data is currently available until 31 March 2012.

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