Thursday, 21 April 2016

Country Market & Sporting Sale 2016 - going live!

Starts: Midnight, tonight.
Closes: 7.00pm on Sunday, 8th May.

See the Website for details

We have a wide variety of great Lots and thanks go to all the donors for making the Sale so attractive once again.  Patrick and Samantha have done a great job putting it all together, and Patrick's artwork has added a unique quality to the promotion material.  We are all available to help answer any questions. 

Previously we have closed the Sale at 12 noon on the final Friday, but to accommodate those who can only bid at weekends, we have extended the Sale through until 7.00pm on the Sunday evening.  

You will hear much more about the Sale between now and 8th May so there will be no excuses for not bidding!  Please spread the word around the people you are in contact with.

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