Friday, 29 April 2016

Asulam for Bracken Control 2016

The weather may be unseasonal, but I can confirm that should bracken decide to brave the conditions  this year, it will be possible to control it using asulam.

The Chemicals Regulation Directorate has issued an Emergency Authorisation that will allow asulam to be sold and transferred from 16 May 2016, and applied in the period 1 July - 12 September 2016.  There will be a use-up period until 31 October 2016, which will allow stocks to be applied or returned (if in unopened containers).  From 1 November 2016, it will once again be illegal to hold any stocks of asulam.

As the coordinator of the Bracken Control Group, I submit the application for the Emergency Authorisation for the UK and full details of the application are available on the BCG Website.

I urge anyone planning to purchase or apply asulam this year to read the conditions in the Emergency Authorisation, as it is important that the conditions are complied with.

Key Dates Summary 2016 
16 May 2016
Effective date for the Notice of Authorisation issued by CRD
Start of the Emergency Authorisation period of 120 days.
Storage, promotion, sales, and transfer authorised.
1 July 2016
Application of Asulam can commence.
12 September 2016
First expiry date: for sale & distribution of stocks.
Storage and use of stocks can continue.
31 October 2016
Final expiry date: for disposal, storage and use of stocks.
It will be illegal to apply or store Asulam after this date.

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