Saturday, 5 March 2016

England & Wales Wildfire Forum

Alex Bennet, the Chief Fire Office for the Northumberland Fire & Rescue Service, is due to retire in July.  Alex is also the Chairman of the England & Wales Wildfire Forum (EWWF), and I have enjoyed working alongside him as the Vice-Chairman.

The combination of my rural background alongside Alex's dedication to the fire Service has been a good combination, and I hope that we can find a similarly effective formula for maintaining the momentum of the EWWF, which has developed under Alex's leadership.  There is no doubt in my mind that we need to take the threat posed by wildfire more seriously.  After a very wet winter, it is difficult to remember that we could easily be into a wildfire season by the end of April.  The national conference, held in November last year on the outskirts Glasgow, had a title of 'Prevention better then Cure' and I think this is something that the EWWF must continue to promote, alongside the Scottish Wildfire Forum.

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