Friday, 12 February 2016

The Understanding Predation Project - launched 8 February

Battleby Conference Centre
The Scottish Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, Aileen McLeod, MSP, launched the Understanding predation report at the Battleby Conference Centre, near Perth on Monday.

This project was commissioned by the Scottish Government, supervised and funded by Scottish Natural Heritage and delivered by Scotland's Moorland Forum.  I am the Director of the Forum and have also been the Project Manager.  It has been a huge effort to get the work done in the time available, but I think it has been worth it. 

Ian Ross (Chairman SNH) The Minister &
Lord Lindsay (Chairman, Moorland Forum)
If you would like to know more about the project and its findings there is much more information on the Moorland Forum's website and in the Understanding Predation project's blog.

From the Heather Trust's perspective, there are some important messages.  First, it is possible for people with local knowledge to work alongside scientists and to contribute equally to the discussions.  Second, a collaborative approach to issues can be very effective.  This is very much in line with the Trust's approach to 'promoting integrated moorland management'.  Every view should be treated with respect and every voice heard.

The project has produced a shared view of the issues and the next question will be how to apply this knowledge to the best effect.  The key point will be that it may take longer and be more expensive to adopt a collaborative approach, but the results are likely to be much more effective and longer lasting.

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