Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Members' Briefing: Peatland Management

While I was away for a few days holiday, during May, Patrick added a Members' Briefing onto the website about Peatlands.  In my absence, this went unannounced and as is the way of such things, there is a danger of it sitting on the website without anyone spotting it.  This post and the associated Tweet is aimed at giving the fanfare the briefing deserves.

The world of peatland management and restoration is developing fast, but this briefing still provides a good value summary of where we have got to and the direction that is being taken with the development of policy.

The biggest development sine the publication of this briefing has been the issuing of the draft Peatland Carbon Code, which is available for consultation until 21 June.  This is a significant stepping stone towards the development of a carbon market.  I will be commenting on this draft as part of my work of the Peatland Working Group of Scotland's Moorland Forum.