Saturday, 12 January 2013

Help improve rural mobile coverage

This post is reprinted from the Countryside Alliance Grass e-route Weekly e-newsletter published on 10th January 2013

"We all know somewhere we cannot get a mobile signal, especially in the countryside. This is frustrating and unfair, considering that, as consumers, we all pay the same wherever we live, but get wildly different levels of service. 

The Countryside Alliance is working to change this and we need your help to show Government and mobile operators where coverage is poorest with a view to taking action.

If you have a smartphone or know someone who does, download the free app from RootMetrics that allows you to test the speed of your mobile internet and the mobile signal strength - at any time, in any place.

With the push of a button, the app measures your mobile network performance and gives immediate feedback on what sort of service you are getting.

The results are then combined with readings from others in your area to create a map showing which mobile operator is best. This can be viewed online here. The Countryside Alliance will also be working with RootMetrics to get information about the readings you make so we can prove that service is poor and action needs to be taken."

Download the app

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