Monday, 16 April 2012

Bracken Control - 2012 and beyond

The Bracken Control Group was established to act as a focus for all bracken issues.  Although the final trigger for its establishment was the ban on the main chemical control agent, asulam, the need for a group to bring together all management and research issues had been recognised for some time.  

website has been established.  A newsletter is being produced and previous versions can be found on the News Page of the website - there is a sign up option at the foot of each Newsletter. 

In response to the ban on asulam, the group will be spearheading the application process for the emergency authorisations so that existing aerial spraying programmes can continue and new ones start.

In 2012, bracken control by helicopter is available and the aerial spraying contactors are looking for work.  However, anyone wanting their services should contact their normal company as soon as possible.  The authorisation process has changed, this year, and this is likely to introduce delays to the application process.  On top of this, the new regulations will not be approved until the end of May, at the earliest. 

The message is simple: 
  • Asulam has been banned but stocks can be used up during 2012 
  • Anyone wanting to use a helicopter to spray bracken in 2012, must contact the aerial spray company now; and
  • Emergency authorisations offer a route to allow aerial spraying programmes to continue from 2013 onwards.

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