Monday, 16 May 2011

Fair Game: Scotland's Sporting Estates

This TV programme was broadcast last week, and for anyone who missed it, like I did, it is currently available on the BBC iPlayer, but I am not sure how long for.  It is worth a look.

The programme highlights the problem of the raptor-grouse conflict and although I believe it had some errors, both sides of the argument are presented.  But it is not only the birds that lose out from this impasse; I think that the raptor grouse conflict is a blockage to investment in our uplands areas by both the private and the public sectors.  In spite of this, with the exception of Prof Steve Redpath, a former Trust Board member, no-one was proposing any solutions.

The problems highlighted in this programme are deep-seated and have so far proved to be intractable.  Sitting in silos hurling bricks across the divide is not going to provide a solution, and I doubt that increasing the screw of legislation will solve the problem.  We need to find compromise and bright ideas are welcome.    I suggest that Steve Redpath needs more support. 

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