Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Country Market & Sporting Sale

The Sale season is drawing to a close.  Thanks again to all our supporters: the donors of Lots and cash, the Bidders, the advertisers and the catalogue promoters.  A large team of people combine to make the Sale a success.

We have now removed details of the unsold Lots from the website, but some items may still be available in the Stop & Shop section of the website.

As the dust settles, Clara will be shifting her focus to the 2012 Sale.  We will be contacting many of you individually to give you a bit more detail about this year's Sale, and would welcome offers of assistance, in any form, with next year's Sale.

We will be reviewing how the Sale worked this year and looking for ways that we can improve the organisation.  Several times in the past, we have considered shifting to an on-line system but have resisted this largely due to the cost and the difficulty of combining an on-line auction with the circulation of information about the Trust in the catalogue.  We will be looking at this again in the next few weeks, and would welcome any comments.

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