Saturday, 16 April 2011

Scotland: Muirburn Season

Under the amendments introduced by Section 28 of the Wildlife & Natural Environment Bill, that received Royal Assent on 7 April 2011, the Muirburn season is now defined as follows:

  • the standard muirburn season: 1 October – 15 April
  • the extended muirburn season: 16 April – 30 April

Burning may only take place in the Muirburn Season.  The proprietor of the land may carry out muirburn in the extended season and other people may do so if authorised in writing by, or on behalf of, the proprietor.

The season is now the same at all altitudes and the possibility of burning until 15 May above 1,500 feet has been removed.

Therefore, for proprietors, and those who have the necessary permission from the proprietor, muirburn can be carried out until 30 April.

The Bill introduced the possibility of being able to burn out of season under licence, and as Chairman of the Muirburn Group of Scotland's Moorland Forum, I will be working with members of the Group, the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage to establish guidance on eligibility and to set up a process to handle applications.

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