Sunday, 21 February 2010

Scotland: Land Use Strategy

The ground breaking Land Use Strategy, which is a requirement under the Climate Change legislation, is reaching the Discussion Workshop phase.  Details of the workshops that will be held around the country are now available on the website.  This is an important process and all those with an interest in the use of land in Scotland should consider contributing to it.  

Not surprisingly, I am concerned that the moorlands &  uplands get a fair representation.  I maintain that there is a policy gap that is in danger of leaving the upland areas without sufficient protection from competing land uses.  Within Scotland's Moorland Forum, we are considering the development of a document to plug this policy gap and this will feed into the Land use strategy process.

Is there enough protection for our moorland and upland areas or are we in danger of losing these areas to other land uses?  The expansion of the upland forestry to meet the governments aspiration to increase the amount of cover from 17% to 25% is a threat.  FCS are currently projecting the use of up to 10% of the existing heather ground for this purpose.  Does this make sense?

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