Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Director Handover

With the New Year, I am gearing up for the handover to my successor, Anne Gray. We all go through this exercise at various points in our career, but we tend to forget that the process always seems straightforward at the outset but it then slowly dawns that there is a lot to organise and prepare. I am aiming to get as organised as possible to give Anne a good start.

Anne will join the Trust on Monday 12th February (now less than 4 weeks away!), and after a handover period, she will take over as Director on 5th March.

I will take up the role of consultant to support the Trust, and Anne as Director. To give her a chance to get established, initially, I will be maintaining my current role with Scotland’s Moorland Forum, both in running the Forum’s meetings and managing the commissioned work. I will also be continuing to represent the Trust’s input to the groups where I am chairman or have the lead. For example, I will continue as chairman of the England & Wales Wildfire Forum, and the Uplands Management Group, and as the coordinator of the Bracken Control Group.

The aim of the handover period is to ensure a smooth transition of the responsibility for running the Trust to Anne so that the Trust’s service to its members, supporters and clients is not interrupted. As Anne gets established, I hope that my support will allow the Trust to operate on as many fronts as at present, and hopefully even some new ones that Anne will introduce.

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