Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Heather Beetle alert

This year's adult heather beetles are out and about, as the recent spell of warm weather has provided the trigger for the adults to come out of hibernation.  The adults will do what adult beetles do and the eggs will be laid, next month.  It is the larvae from these eggs that will do the damage to heather in July and August.

We are receiving reports of adult beetles on the wing from many parts of the country.  The number of reports is larger than normal, therefore does this mean that there are more adults about, or that our survey has started to raise the awareness of our members and supporters, or a bit of both?

More reports, please.

Our heather beetle survey is running again this year that will allow you to follow the reports of beetle damage, as we receive them.  For more information see the heather beetle webpage or our recent Talking Point article.

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