Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Heather Trust - Recent Activity 1

After a busy period at The Heather Trust, and with the dust settling on the Country Market & Sporting Sale, I am reflecting on recent activity. I will cover this in a few posts but let’s work backwards.

The Country Market & Sporting Sale closed at noon on Friday, 2nd May. The Sale takes place in an increasingly competitive market but our members and supporters have surpassed themselves this year. At the end of the Sale the headline income figure was £45,000, but some negotiations have taken place since and, with a few more to be concluded, it is clear that we have broken through the £50,000 barrier, this year.

The answer to the ‘so what’ question is that the Sale provides us with the funding for the representational work, some of which will be described in the posts that follow over the next few days. Our presence in the various debates is an important part of the justification for the Trust’s existence and increasingly our common sense message is being heard in high places.

The period leading up to the Sale included four meetings of note and so that you know what to look out for, working backwards the meetings included: the Defra Upland Stakeholder Forum, an inaugural meeting of the Uplands Alliance, the Best Practice Burning Group and a meeting on Molland Moor to launch a new project.