Sunday, 24 February 2013

Re-birth of the Blog

My rather hit & miss blog output has become more miss than hit, of late.  Largely, I put this down to 2013 starting at a full gallop and getting faster since.  I have given myself some suitable castigation and reminded myself of the importance of telling people what The Heather Trust is up to. This is where the blog fits in, as our activity will have little impact, if no-one knows what we do.  In the event of an information vacuum the likely and justifiable assumption will be that the Trust is just bubbling along in the background.  I can assure you that on this side of the blog it feels very different.

Let me try to get a flow of blog posts together that will provide an indication of the high level of activity and provide an explanation for my lack of communication of late.  The challenge I have set myself is to add a post a day to this blog. I will not achieve this as too much else is going on, but I will see what I can do.  Not all the posts will be heavy-weight contributions, but I hope together they will be an interesting record of what we are up to.

I will continue to Tweet (@heathertrust) with each blog post so that the followers of that dynasty will be able to keep up with my efforts easily.

As ever I will welcome feedback; it is good to know that someone occasionally reads this collection of words, anecdotes and opinion and your comments will add interest to my efforts.

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