Sunday, 14 October 2012

Accounting for CO2 emissions from peatlands

Photo: Norrie Russell, RSPB
I am delighted to echo the IUCN's plea to the UK government to account for CO2 emissions from peatlands.  A decision has to be made now if peatland rewetting is to be included in the UK national greenhouse gas accounting for the next Kyoto Protocol commitment period 2013-2017.

Electing to account for Wetland Drainage and Rewetting in national climate change targets could give extra impetus for Government spend on peatland rewetting and it would be possible to bring all restoration work carried out since 1990 into account.  Also, it could pave the way for business funding through carbon markets; this could give extra reward to land managers who choose to restore peatlands that would help to make the work economically viable.

I recommend the IUCN briefing as a way of gaining understanding of what is proposed and there is more detail available in the longer briefing that is linked from the first document.

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