Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ilkley Moor - challenges ahead

Credit: Ilkley Gazette
Ilkley Moor is an example of the difficulties facing grouse moor managers in explaining the benefits that their management brings. The article in the Ilkley Gazette describes the challenges facing Edward Bromet, Heather Trust member and Chairman of the Moorland Association, who with partners has the shooting rights on Ilkley Moor.

If there is no shooting input, who will the manage the heather, reduce the spread of bracken, or control the predators?  If this work does not happen, will the moor just become another wildfire waiting to happen?

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  1. One of the main causes of decline in ground nesting birds, as I see it, is the increase in carrion birds such as the Rook. If moorlands, especially the moorland fringe areas, are not managed there is likely to be a further increase in numbers of these predators with consequent further decline in ground nesting bird species. Management of the moors is essential, and this includes managing for grouse shoots.

    John Millar, DATA


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