Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Heather Trust Annual Report Articles

For the first time the best bits of the Trust's annual report are available online.

Some of the Trust's annual report, which is published in August each year, is inevitably devoted to telling the world how wonderful we are.  However, every year we are blessed with some guest articles that provide width and added interest for the recipients of the report and it is these articles that, with the permission of the authors, are now available on the Trust's website.

All the articles are of a high standard but if you only have time to digest three of them, let me give you my recommendations: 'What Makes heather so Special?' by Prof Charles Gimingham, the response to the Fair Game BBC TV programme by Douglas McAdam of Scottish Land & Estates, and Prof Steve Redpath's 'A Glimmer of Hope for Hen harriers'.

The report is circulated to members and a few additional people who we think will benefit from learning about what we do. But as a trial we are making the guest articles available to everyone.  If you enjoy reading these articles, please let us know.  Alternatively, you could sign up to become a member and receive your own printed copy of future reports in August.  Membership starts from (only) £40 p.a. - follow the link for more details.

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