Monday, 7 November 2011

Sheep Ticks - Farmers Guardian

The meeting we held at Abbeystead on the back of the AGM, on 27 September has resulted in some press coverage about sheep ticks in the Farmers Guardian.  This is good to see as there has been little recent coverage about the threat that sheep ticks pose to livestock and upland bird populations through the diseases they spread.  We should not ignore the link to the human disease, Lyme disease.  Also, sheep ticks are closely associated with dense stands of bracken as they benefit from the deep litter.

The three articles can be viewed here:
   Why worry about sheep ticks?
   Climate change could make ticks more of a threat
   Ticks are proving a persistent problem on a Lancashire farm  Malcolm Handley is a member of the Trust.

My thanks go to Neil Ryder, who is now a freelance journalist.  He attended the Abbeystead meeting and  these articles followed.

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