Monday, 6 June 2011

Looking to the Hills - JNCC Publication

The latest and last edition of this publication can be downloaded from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee's website.  There are a many good articles and reports but in particular I recommend:

  • EU review of LFA (by HT Board member Ian Condliffe) (p3) which summarises the EU-speak that surrounds the move from Less Favoured Areas to Areas with natural Handicap.
  • Crowberry dieback in Moorlands (p7) - can anyone help Penny Anderson with the search for more information.  If so, please contact Penny, but let me know as well.
  • Culling of Mountain Hares to Control Ticks (p27).  Culling hares does not necessarily lead to greater production of red grouse.
Looking to the Hills has been produced by Des Thompson and Sally Johnson at SNH for JNCC, but the Welcome explains that this publication has been sacrificed at the altar of funding and will no longer be produced.

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