Monday, 1 March 2010

Sustainable Uplands Project - Call to pay farmers for managing uplands

I have supported the Sustainable Uplands Project that has seen a collaboration of Universities (including Leeds, Aberdeen & Durham) take an academic view of the management of the uplands which has been funded by Defra's Rural Economy & Land Use (RELU) Programme .  The work is now being published and has received a range of press coverage over the last few days.  See the articles in:  The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, The Press & Journal and Bioscience Technology.

Is this approach possible and would you support it?

This project will also be featuring as part of the Carbon in the Uplands conference that I am organising with the Southern Uplands Partnership and the Crichton Carbon Centre, Dumfries that will be held in Moffat 20-21 April 2010.  More details will follow.

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